Maslow 6 & Jumpstart Celebrate The Holidays and Raise Awareness

Maslow 6 did it again. There seems to be no stopping Keri and Mollie this fall at their new store in Tribeca. This time, not only did I get to try even more wines that tickled my fancy but I also got to feel good buying wine and contributing (10%) of the purchase price to a cause I believe in, early childhood education for all. Maslow 6 and Jumpstart held an event on December 15 at the Maslow 6 store on West Broadway which showcased a number of different Argentinian, Chilean, French, Italian, and German wines while raising money for Jumpstart. The promotion continues throughout the month of December so get out there, buy some wine, say hello to Mollie and Keri and make some kids happy.

According to Maslow 6’s website, “Jumpstart works in preschool classrooms in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods across the country including many here in New York City. By pairing adults in mentoring relationships with these children, the program builds language, literacy and social skills which are critical for success in ongoing school. Without Jumpstart’s intervention, at least 30% of economically disadvantaged children enter school behind their peers. Jumpstart’s mission is that every child enter school prepared for success.”

The President of Jumpstart in New York told a horrific story about how far behind kids can get in just a few years. If a middle class child has a vocabulary of 20,000 words by age 5, an underprivileged one has just 5000 words in their vocabulary at the same age. If a child starts out so far behind, it is no wonder they have trouble catching up. How can we as a nation not do more for our kids? I just don’t get it. In any event, thank you Keri and Mollie for introducing me to this organization and of course, for the holiday cheer and the opportunity to taste new wines.

Some great wines were offered last night including a sultry Chianti Classico from Felsina. This 1995 Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva “Rancia” was silky and smooth with just enough fruit and spice to keep me interested. I haven’t had such a delicious Chianti Classico in a very long time.

Another couple of wines which I really enjoyed were from Burgundy. A relatively simple Chardonnay from Alain Corcia. This white burgundy was yeasty and nutty while not being over the top and underscored how variable Chardonnay can be, big and flashy or subtle and sensuous. Lastly, a wine which fascinated me was the Arnaud Chopin Nuits St George “Murgers” 1er Cru 2006. This wine was truly unforgettable and left me reflecting on just how special wines from Burgundy can be. I lived in Dijon when I was 20 and that time in my life and the beginning of my earliest wine tasting years has left a lifelong impression on me, as you can tell. Pinot Noir from Burgundy is just in a category of its own. Chapeau! Once again, Alain Blanchon Selections has chosen a real winner.

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