Changes Are Coming To Avvinare

It’s time for a change, you’ve got to rearrange. Avvinare is going to be getting a makeover so that it is more attractive to the eye but it is mostly the content that is going to expand to cover Italian food and restaurants as well. I used to write an Italian food blog for a different entity for the past year, I will now be writing about food on this blog.

Additionally, my Italian grape variety dictionary will be continuing on this blog as opposed to other sites. I’m thinking about adding travel posts as well as notes about Italian art and museums to give a taste of a new part of my business, tours.

Additionally, I’m looking for a guest blogger or two from other parts of the country to talk about the Italian wine scene in their areas. Drop me a line on the blog or through email if interested.

In other words, this is becoming more of an Italy-centric blog than it already is but mostly, I am expanding my subject matter to encompass my interests and my experience as well. This blog will always be primarily a wine blog but why not share the wealth of knowledge I have garnered through 15 years in Italy and many more than that as an Italophile and traveling back and forth. Feel free to complain, rant, and to tell me it’s a bad idea. I’ll take that under advisement.

More to come…

One thought on “Changes Are Coming To Avvinare

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  1. susannah:
    I’ve enjoyed your food writing at the other blog and look forward to reading it here. I think your plans sound great and anticipate sharing all your wonderful experiences.
    BTW: the sherry posting was fun. Sherry is a lovely drink that’s appears to be quite misunderstood by most Americans.
    ciao e migliori auguri al nuovo Avvinare

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