Viognier & Crab in Maryland

As I sit in my office and work feverishly to bring to fruition seven wine events in the next two weeks, I’m of course, fantasizing about vacation. Last year, I took a beautiful trip to Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia where I encountered these utensils that I hadn’t seen since I was 15 and visiting a dear friend from camp in Baltimore.

Anyone who has used them knows that they are for eating crab like the one above. I had this crab in Maryland after visiting the beautiful Barboursville Estate owned by the Zonin family from the Veneto.

While their red wines have graced the table of the President of the United States, it is their Viognier that speaks to me. I wish I had a glass right now. I wasn’t at this year’s blogger conference in Virginia but I believe many if not all the attendees would agree with me about these wines from Virginia.

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