Italian Aperitif : Crodino From Campari

I am so looking forward to having a Crodino later this week while in Italy. Crodino is a trademark brand owned by the Campari Group since the mid-1990s but it is often used as a generic term for an "analcolico" or a drink without alcohol. Crodino is named for the town of Crodo in Piedmont... Continue Reading →


Wine Wednesday: Moscato di Canelli from Agriturimo Rupestr – Giorgio Cirio

This Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Moscato di Canelli from Giorgio Cirio who owns the Agriturismo Rupestr. I met Giorgio at his agriturismo where a friend was having a birthday weekend for 50 of his closest friends. Lucky for me, we were including in the 50. The agriturismo was located in Canelli, Giorgio has two... Continue Reading →

Women In Wine Fridays: La Mesma

Earlier this year I attend the Slow Wine event and tried some fantastic wines. Among them were wines from La Mesma. The wines were all made from Cortese, the grape used to make Gavi. This metodo classico, or traditional method sparkling wine was amazing. It rested on its lees for 18 months. It was fruity... Continue Reading →

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