Vinitaly Day 4: Changing Climate

For anyone who is in Italy this week, the temperatures on the one hand are gorgeous and exciting. On the other however, 91 degrees in April during Vinitaly is an intense experience and is out of the ordinary . Vinitaly normally lasts from Thursday to Monday. As many people have discovered through the years, Saturday and Sunday becomes a consumer fest unless one has many appointments. This year, Saturday was just that after about 4:00pm. It was likely the heat, the beautiful sky and the weekend contributed to this but nonetheless, it made the fair more difficult to navigate than it had been the previous two days.

For many years Italian producers have complained about two things consistently, the difficulty of working with the trade and consumers at the same time and the fact that the fair practically coincides with Prowein in Germany. All of this is going to change. As of next year, the fair will be separated with the consumer tasting taking place during the weekend and the trade part of the tasting during the week. While not everyone is happy of course, many seem to see this move as a relief. The fair will run from Sunday to Wednesday in 2012.

Additionally there will be a longer period of time between Prowein and Vinitaly. This will allow producers to participate in both initiatives and buyers from Northern Europe will be more likely to come to Verona.

I’m sure my plans will be the same and I will come to both parts of the show and perhaps for the first time I will be able to go to Prowein as well. I’m also sure I will still be frustrated to not have gotten to taste all the wines I want to but that is what makes Vinitaly so incredible. Today I hope to taste a wine from Molise, a beautiful land with the indigenous variety Tintilia. This indigenous variety was just made into Tintilia DOC. On my way to that pavilion, I will probably get distracted with friends and other products. It seems to be par for the course.

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