Basilicata & Molise Webinar Tomorrow On Wine Scholar Guild

I am super excited about giving a webinar tomorrow for the Wine Scholar Guild on Basilicata and Molise, two little discussed regions which should be getting more attention thanks to their great wines and indigenous varieties which are all the rage. I look forward to discussing the history of the area, the geography, climate, soils,... Continue Reading →

Exploring Lesser Known Italian Wine Regions with #ItalianFWT

It is hard to believe it is December and almost the holiday season. In Italy, the holidays beginning this weekend with the Immaculate or the Immaculate Conception on Sunday, December 8. It seems a perfect time to explore some of the areas of Italy that we haven't discussed this year and that's why, this  month's... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly Day 4: Changing Climate

For anyone who is in Italy this week, the temperatures on the one hand are gorgeous and exciting. On the other however, 91 degrees in April during Vinitaly is an intense experience and is out of the ordinary . Vinitaly normally lasts from Thursday to Monday. As many people have discovered through the years, Saturday... Continue Reading →

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