My Favorite Italianist – Fred Plotkin

I often write about Women in the wine and food business but I seldom write about Men. Today I thought I would mention my colleague and friend, Fred Plotkin, who is truly a renaissance man when it comes to all things Italian be it opera, food, wine, art, history, etc. Fred calls himself an Italianist and I think I may just borrow that phrase from time to time as well. .

Back to Fred, he gave a long seminar on Italian wine and food this past Friday for a client, Casa Italia Atletica and it was just fabulous. During the seminar, he interviewed members of the local governments of Italian provinces such as Reggio Calabria and Ascoli Piceno as well as people from wineries and wine groups from Lazio, Friuli and Siena, a pastry chef from Calabria and an expert on Molise. With each of these people Fred was able to tell us the story of the region, the history behind local dishes and link everything together in an interesting and educational context. Chapeau to you Fred and thank you for a very enjoyable evening.

If you missed the seminar, you have the opportunity to listen to Fred on my occasions, among them a series that he does at New York University with the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’.

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