Italian Sparkling Wines For New Year’s Eve

I'm on my way to Austria today if all goes well. I still have to write about the most famous of Austrian Grape varieties: Gruner Veltliner and of course, the king of whites - Riesling. I hope to do that while I am away. If I don't get the chance to write again before the... Continue Reading →

Austria’s Indigenous Reds: Blaufrankisch, St Laurent, Zweigelt

As I wait for the opportunity to finally go on vacation, I am getting ever more excited to try some of the Austrian reds that I like from producers I don't know while away. Austrian reds are now about a third of the country's production although the whites and sweet wines are much more widely... Continue Reading →

New and Old Wine Friends

It was lovely to get together with people from the International Wine Center the other night to celebrate those who have recently achieved their Diploma in Wines & Spirits. I saw many familiar faces and some I hadn't seen in many years. One person in particular, Uwe, was a particular find. We were in class... Continue Reading →

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