Il Giorno Della Memoria – Holocaust Remembrance Day

I know this a wine blog but Italy does something every January that really means a lot to me. Yes Vino 2011 means a lot to me of course but I'm not talking about wine. Every January 27, Italy officially remembers the Holocaust. I remember it most days. I lost 80 relatives in the camps.... Continue Reading →

Vino 2011 – Italian Wine Week Is Here

Vino 2011 or Italian Wine Week is here and I am truly excited. I'll be taking part in some of the initiatives but couldn't get into some great seminars. Everything filled up so quickly. I guess that's a testament to just how interested people continue to be in Italian wine. That's no surprise to me... Continue Reading →

Italian Restaurants: Ai Fiori

I have decided to expand the blog to include reviews of Italian restaurants. Here's one that I wrote for the Alta Cucina Society website on Michael White's Ai Fiori in the Setai on 5th Avenue and 37th Street. White has created a mini empire in New York restaurants as the owner of Osteria Morini, Ai... Continue Reading →

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