Posts of Interest, Wine of the Week: Umathum Blaufrankisch 2004

One of the things I find so hard these days is trying to stay on top of everyone’s writing. I get irritated when I can’t read the entire New York Times or never finish a New Yorker or my latest and favorite subscription to the Financial Times. I haven’t even gotten into the wine publications, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. I’ve decided to start with the familiar, my own blog roll which I don’t read through as much as I should.

Today I spent a long while looking at Alice Feiring’s blog and thoroughly enjoyed her musings not just on wine but on Paris and an art exhibit she saw there. I don’t know Alice but she’s certainly a personaggio in the wine world and a friend of many people I know. I don’t always agree with her assessments on wine either but I do always appreciate her passion and point of view which is usually forcefully stated.

I also love blogs that bring in other subjects when talking about wine, Alfonso Cevola, is a master of this and his blog, On the Wine Trail in Italy is a favorite of mine. I love his writing, the pictures and his train of thought as well as that slight melancholy tone he sometimes takes.

Another site that I do appreciate and which gave me much joy today is Snooth. Gregory Dal Piaz’s post “Debunking Wine Myths” was a real change of pace and I very much enjoyed reading it for his wit and quick transmission of important themes.

Moving on to the second part of this blog post, my pick is Umathum Blaufrankisch 2004 which I drank at the Diploma dinner hosted by the International Wine Center in early December. A friend brought this amazing wine and I truly appreciated its depth,complexity and elegance. One of the best of this variety that I have ever tasted. I know, I’m getting away from Italy and am having an Austrian love affair but remember, the Sud Tirol used to be Austrian and some still think it is…

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