Italian Restaurants: Ai Fiori

I have decided to expand the blog to include reviews of Italian restaurants. Here’s one that I wrote for the Alta Cucina Society website on Michael White’s Ai Fiori in the Setai on 5th Avenue and 37th Street.

White has created a mini empire in New York restaurants as the owner of Osteria Morini, Ai Fiori, Marea, Convivio and Alto with other partners. I have only been to two of the five and look forward to trying his other venues.

White’s creativity is exciting although some of his combinations are a bit much for my particular palate. People say they see the influence of his Italian mentor from San Domenico in Imola but I see none of that in his food. My memories from when I lived in Emilia, in Bologna specifically were of simpler fare but as I said, I think that’s just my palate.

Ai Fiori is a real destination spot and I look forward to going to have a drink at the lovely bar while I try more things on the menu.

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