Women in Wine: Vee Fitzgerald of WineLIFE & Solidarity for New Zealand

I decided to write this post today and at this hour because I know that there is a gathering to support New Zealand in Central Park this afternoon. I received these details from a very trustworthy font. In summary, Kiwi filmmakers Sally Williams and Katie Hinsen, along with NYC filmmaker Dave Shaerf, will be making... Continue Reading →

Italian Restaurants in NYC: Tarallucci e Vino – A Growing Brand In NYC, Fontanavigna Pallagrello Bianco from Terre del Principe

Tarallucci e Vino is owned by two Italians from Abruzzo who are very well versed in the culinary scene in New York. I have the pleasure of knowing only one of the owners, Luca Di Pietro but not the other, Pepi Di Giacomo. Oddly enough, Luca's wife went to the same graduate program as I... Continue Reading →

Tre Bicchieri Tasting Today

Today is the Tre Bicchieri tasting. Although people are constantly critical of these types of shows or of awards in general, no one can say they don't give us wine geeks the chance to try a lot of great wine. The show organized by Gambero Rosso gave out over 400 awards of three glasses,their top... Continue Reading →

Wine Bloggers In The Windy City

I'm looking for some wine bloggers in Chicago. I've found a bunch but I thought I'd reach out and find some more. I don't get to spend enough time in that lovely city and admire its architecture, museums and lake views as well as its' wine bars, stores and bloggers. I'd love some help on... Continue Reading →

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