On My Way to KFWE 2011 At Pier 60

I’m on my way to the 5th Annual Kosher Food & Wine Event at Pier 60. The event is sold out and I will be working welcoming press but I do hope to taste some of the wines available, specifically those from made in Italy.

I like the tag line they use when talking about the wines, good wines that just happen to be Kosher. Kosher wines certainly get a bad rap and I’m sure it has to do with those made in the early days of New York wine making when they were made using the sweet Concord grape. Much has changed and I’m looking forward to seeing this for myself later today. Earlier this year I went to a Wines of Israel tasting. I enjoyed a number of those wines, especially the ones from Yatir. I’m hoping to add to my limited repertoire and knowedge of the subject. I’m sure it will be an education for many. If you are going, look for me later.

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