New and Old Wine Friends

It was lovely to get together with people from the International Wine Center the other night to celebrate those who have recently achieved their Diploma in Wines & Spirits.

I saw many familiar faces and some I hadn’t seen in many years. One person in particular, Uwe, was a particular find. We were in class together some years ago. I am never sure where the time goes but I am happy for the chance meeting again and to read his lovely blog about Riesling, Der Kellermeister.

While some, most notably the owner of Terroir, I have been a late comer to love Riesling. I guess it is important just to get there, even if you are late to the party.

Steve Miller, a German wine expert and a fabulous teacher at the International Wine Center brought this amazing Riesling from the Saar to the dinner. It was a big treat.

Today at lunch with a friend, we split a great Riesling from J.J. Prum. I’m trying to catch up for lost time but I think I have my work cut out for me. Luckily, there are people who know much more about the topic than I do who can show me the way….

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