Vinitaly 5: Expanding My Horizons

This Vinitaly I have lived the fair in a new way looking at it from more of an institutional focus and thinking about what it means for the economy, the people who work there and the industry in general. Of course I tasted many new wines that I will write about in the next days but first I wanted to explore other themes and pavilions that I discovered at the fair.

Among them were the pavilions dedicated to Olive Oil called Sol, to food called Agrifood and Enolitech, a pavilion dedicated to technology for wine producers.

In general, I am never able to get to all three of these pavilions because there is just too much to do and see. This year though, I got to go to Sol and Agrifood. I was amazed to see the number of producers in both and the breadth of their offerings. From beer to balsamic vinegar to pepperoncino in Agrifood and each region showcasing their olive oil.

There are almost as many cultivars for making olive oil as their are grape varieties, which as we know, is very expansive. I was thrilled to see these new pavilions, new to me anyway, and was excited to see how busy they were. I am thinking about becoming a olive oil taster as well as one for coffee. It’s all very stimulating and just makes me want to visit every corner of Italy. This is exactly the same feeling I have had for 24 years, since that first long visit to Florence and Rome. I’m always amazed how great it feels to fall in love again with the same country but looking at it through a new lens.

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    1. Thanks for writing in. I was at Vinitaly from Wednesday night until Tuesday of the next week actually. I was sorry to have missed you. I went to Milan on Tuesday actually. Let me know when you will be in NYC….

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