Monday Musings: Will New Regions Find A Place in Post-Pandemic USA

Today I am musing about wine regions of the world that have set their sights on coming to the USA. In this new pandemic world, especially in the USA, many restaurants throughout the country are shuttered completely or only partially open for outdoor dining or take-out.

In that context, can a new region of a new winery find a place?  I was thinking about this because I was speaking about the grape Cesanese from Lazio as part of my daily Instagram Indigenous Varieties video. Lazio is a region that hasn’t yet found a big space yet in the United States.

Rome is the capital city of Lazio and thinking about how Lazio as a wine region can promote itself, it seems obvious that it should be part of a larger conversation about tourism to the region. While travel is currently curtailed to Europe except for in certain cases, this won’t always be the case.

Often people try their first wines from another area in situ and then when they come back to their country, they look for it at home.

Another way that they can look to make waves is by finding either a restaurant and/or specific people to promote the region. This strategy could be done in conjunction with the other one.

Lastly, wine education is always the way to go and now with so many online platforms, it’s a perfect time to use them for this purpose.


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