Climate Change Top Of Mind

These past four or five days I can literally think of nothing else but climate change. That makes sense since it is Climate Week in New York. I've followed some of their webinars and the tone while fascinating is also terrifying about where we are now. Every story on the news, every wine discussion I... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 5781!

What a year 2020 has been. Today is the first evening of the Jewish New Year 5781. I was going to write about the wine I drank tonight to celebrate the New Year but then I read about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing. I feel heartbroken and scared and sad. What a life she led and... Continue Reading →

Thirsty Thursday: Maker’s Mark

Every so often I reach for something in my glass that's not wine. Usually that means an Italian digestif - Amaro, Mirto, Limoncello maybe even a beer and very rarely Scotch. But drinking Bourbon is really out of character. That is since I'm an adult. I believe as a teen Bourbon was the source of... Continue Reading →

9/11 We Remember

Some 19 years have passed since that terrible day in September 2001. So much has changed yet today will always be a day of reflection and one of remembrance for lives lost and those forever changed. It is now a National day of Service as well thanks to the efforts of many courageous people. Personally,... Continue Reading →

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