Climate Change Top Of Mind

These past four or five days I can literally think of nothing else but climate change. That makes sense since it is Climate Week in New York. I’ve followed some of their webinars and the tone while fascinating is also terrifying about where we are now. Every story on the news, every wine discussion I participate in,  even today Bordeaux webinare from the Bordeaux Wine School. Every political conversation I have and every wine class I have been involved with lately seems to be screaming to wake up about climate change. Many winemakers are actively trying to combat climate change with a host of practices that go beyond the usual conversations about natural wine, biodynamic or organic. Conversations about regeneratiive agriculture or soil management are all the rage. The new discussions are all about soil management, earlier harvests, which clones will survive and which areas won’t, which hybrids will be important.  There is so much to learn and explore. Some of the recent articles I have been reading have been on blogging colleague’s websites such as Robin Renken of The Crushed Grape Chronicles. and Nicole Ruiz Hudson of Somms Table. Others are in major papers such as the New York Times.

There is lots of talk about which certification or organization to follow or why one winery goes in one direction rather than another. It is confusing but it is all vital and important. never more than today.

I am now seriously considering going vegan for the second time in my life. Having a small and growing child makes me fear for the future even more. I will be writing weekly on this topic from now going forward. We’ve all got to do our part.


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