Italian Indigenous Varieties: Nuragus Bianco from Sardegna


This week’s indigenous variety hails from Sardinia and it’s called Nuragus Bianco. It’s the most widely grown grape on the island, particularly in the provinces of Caligari and Oristano. It is thought to have come to the island with the Phoenicians. Nuraghi is the name for the stone constructions that one sees on the island.

These photos were taken in the Northern part of the island near the Costa Smeralda. Back to the grape variety, it is used in the Nuragus DOC. They use it both to make Vermouth and sparkling wines in Sardinia. It makes wines that are not meant to age but should be drunk immediately. It can be made into a mono-varietal wine or blended with other local varieties. Argiolas, one of if not the most well known Sardinia wineries makes a version of this wine called S’elegas. I also found another winery that makes one called Audarya.

I would love to go on another trip to Sardinia and taste the wines in situ, as they say…It is an exquisite place to visit and very magical.


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