Monday Musings: Wine Packaging for the Holidays

Pre-event at Vinitaly

This photo is of the set up for Vinitaly before the fair begins but I am using it to make a larger point about waste. I always think about all the garbage and all of the materials that go into wine packaging and shipping. As the holidays come around, I am even more mindful of the amount of waste produced and all the styrofoam used in boxing up wine. I too am to blame for some of this pollution as I used styrofoam to wrap bottles and send them. Often if I don’t the bottles don’t arrive in good shape. I try to recycle packaging that gets sent to me but I am not sure if it offsets my own carbon footprint with wine shipping. I would love someone to invent something that really is recyclable. Of course I use the shippers that are recycled from Uline as well but still I hope that something better with be coming down the road. Or maybe there can be a service that comes around to pick up used shippers and does something purposeful with them, I am looking and open to new ideas on this front.

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