Monday Musings: Wine Tariffs and the Havoc they will Wreak in the Industry

While some in the media portray the wine industry as overwrought with much ado about nothing as it contemplates 100% Tariffs on European wines, others take a more nuanced approach such as Jon Bonné in this recent piece on Where he talks about the economic harm that the tariffs will create in terms of... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings: Aged White Wines

Today's Monday musings is about aging white wines. During a recent class from the Vinitaly International Academy, part of our exam was to choose three Italian white varieties to watch. To me that also meant three Italian varieties that can age. My group choose our three - Garganega, Fiano and Verdicchio. In keeping with that... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings: Drinking Average Wine

Monday musings today are about what to drink on different occasions and why wine professionals must be well-versed in mass market wines. This past weekend at my college reunion I was confronted with the usual challenge - drink average wine or switch to something else, in this instance average beer. While it usually is a... Continue Reading →

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