Monday Musing: What Damages Will Climate Change Bring?

In 2008 I took an amazing trip to Chile. Part of the trip was to Easter Island. These statues known as the Moai are part and parcel of the island and the heritage of the people who live there. They are now threatened by the changes in the sea on account of wait for it....climate... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings: Carnevale State of Mind

My love affair with Italy, where I currently find myself for the Anteprime Toscane, began when I was 15 on a trip to Switzerland and Venice. Apparently we passed through Milan when I was 3 but I don't of course remember that trip. I do of course remember the trip when I was 15. That... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings on Virginia & Wine

After the horrific events of this weekend, I am thinking about Virginia and how often I have enjoyed being there. When I was a girl, my parents took me to Jefferson's home and to UVA. I remember how impressed I was with the campus and how much I wanted to seem like a college student... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings: Women In Wine Resources

On my way to the women in wine symposium today, I have been looking at all the wonderful women in wine groups and websites. There are so many that it is quite impressive. One great resource that caught my eye is from Luscious Lashes. What an impressive and varied group.

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