Monday Musings: Samples Policy

Today’s Monday Musings is about samples policy. Most bloggers have a page that talks about their samples policy. Some are very specific, others aren’t. Most state that even if they accept samples they don’t guarantee coverage yet it’s a sort of written contract that if you are invited to a event in person or online and get samples. you are tacitly agreeing to write about them.

If you are taken on a press trip, clearly the idea is that when you come back to your location, you write at least one if not more stories. What’s the time limit for when these stories have to come? Is there one?

When I am on this side of the aisle, writing, I always try to write sooner rather than later but it doesn’t always work out.

When I send samples to people, my biggest problem is I hate to annoy people and ask about coverage but that’s part of being on that side of the table and in the industry.

I hope the industry begins to create standards that enhance transparency

What is not clear is all the disclosures need with social media. In my experience, Instagram influencers sometimes write #sponsored post but mostly not because all of it is sponsored either by invitations or actual payments.

There are times when it seems all wine coverage is paid for in one way or another rather than being organic and authentic. I don’t have the answer which is why this is a Monday Musing post but I do think more clarity is needed because clearly many paid relationships are not stated transparently We shall see,

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