Monday Musings: Do Wine Blogs Matter In A Time of War


Today’s post is about whether or not writing about wine in a time of war matters. The image above is are two paintings created by a family friend of the Ukrainian President who many, myself included, consider a hero. Art can speak to people. Does wine writing?

I wrote on my blog this weekend and brought up the war because I wrote about a wine from Kosovo, another area of conflict. In the past I have written about wines from Moldova, mentioning their past but I do not write often about wines from conflict areas. When writing about South Africa I try to mention their history as well but generally I try to keep politics out of this blog.

However, I am beginning to feel that is impossible. Watching war unfold in real time with children escaping, frantic mothers, and sons/fathers/dads having to say goodbye is very different. It’s not because of the color of their skin or their religion, it’s because it’s happening in real time on TV and social media.

I am wondering if others are having thoughts about this topic or not. Writing about Ukrainian wineries could always be one way as others are doing but I am not just referring to that. Does one comment on the war or not, if the topic is wine. Does wine writing matter when such serious events are happening. I don’t have the answer, just questions.

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