Monday Musings: Do Blogs Still Matter?

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This Monday Musings is about whether or not blogging still matters. I’ve been absent from my blog a lot this year and it shows both in terms of my backlog of posts to write and in terms of the traffic to my sight. There are many reasons why I have been gone – work and family – primarily but also the nagging feeling that blogging is passé.

I started blogging in 2008 in May if memory serves. I was very diligent for a few years and then it’s been a rollercoaster. Only in the past year however have I considered actually giving it up. I have made a deal with myself that for the next five months I am going to dedicate time to blogging everyday to catch up on all I have missed and promised to write yes but also because I have another editorial project I am working on that needs me to practice.

I hope I will stay on track and that blogging still appeals to me and to others. My blog has always been very personal and at the same time more trade oriented than strictly consumer facing. I am not sure who still reads blogs. I still do and I always learn something either about a wine, a trip, or another topic that engages me. I rarely read tasting notes and I rarely write them but they have their place too and certainly are good to practice when studying wine.

I am about to begin studying wine again for two of the certificates I am missing. I have 11 certificates but feel the need for these additional two that I have signed on for. So tasting notes are once again not just in my past but also in my future and in my present. I may share some of those here as well.

So while some are no longer interested in blogs, such as my wine friend who specifically told me they are no longer following my blog and a wine and non-wine friend who basically told me blogging was over, I think some are still paying attention. Let’s see.


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