Monday Musings: Wine Packaging for the Holidays

This photo is of the set up for Vinitaly before the fair begins but I am using it to make a larger point about waste. I always think about all the garbage and all of the materials that go into wine packaging and shipping. As the holidays come around, I am even more mindful of... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings: Which Country Has The Most Organic Wine Producers?

Today I'm wondering which country has the most organic wine producers? I would think it would be France but it's possible that it is New Zealand. I have been searching for the answer but haven't yet found it. If someone has research on this please send it to me. While thinking about this topic, I... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Earth Day – Hooray

On Earth day, together with 15,000 other people, we went to the Bronx Botanical Gardens. It was a perfect day weather wise and fun was had by all. They put out a great huge balloon of the Earth, let people picnic on the grounds which is usually forbidden and generally pulled out the stops for... Continue Reading →

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