Monday Musings: Sustainability

Today’s Monday Musings is about the word Sustainability. It’s the topic of a new podcast I have begun with a co-host Sunny Gandara on Vigneto. Sunny doesn’t love the word sustainability because she thinks it means everything and nothing and that there are no hard metrics behind the term. I like it but agree that it encompasses many topics including how soil, air and water is used and cared for. It also includes other elements such as recycling, packaging and in my view treatment of the wider environment around a winery or piece of land. I used the word because of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and the fact that I think it’s a word that can include different topics and voices. This is a wine blog of course and Vigneto is a podcast about the wine industry and agriculture and how it is moving towards sustainability.

I wonder what sustainability means to other people. I would love to hear from anyone who wants to let me know their view.


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