Italian Indigenous Varieties: Nieddera Nero

This week’s Italian indigenous variety is called Nieddera Nero and it hails from the island of Sardinia. It grows in the provinces of Cagliari, Nuoro and Oristano. It is used to make both red still and semi-sweet wines and also rosé. I have never had a wine made with this variety nor have I visited those provinces in Sardinia but I have been lucky enough to spend some time on that amazing island.

Sardinia is a world apart from Italy. It has three of its own languages, unbelievable vistas, seas and wines. It is also quiet mystical and spiritual in my opinion with its endless Nuraghi -ancient megalithic towers found in Sardinia, developed during the Nuragic Age between 1900 and 730 BC.

On one of my visits to Sardinia, I spent a month sailing and scuba diving, one of my most memorable Augusts on record. Oddly enough, for years people would ask me if I was Sardinian. Not sure if it was the Sardinian wedding ring on my finger or my speech pattern but I could never see that. I would have to change my last name to Goldu perhaps. Might spice things up.

Anyway, don’t miss out on this beautiful part of Italy when planning your next trip.

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