Italian Indigenous Varieties: Montù Bianco From Emilia Romagna

Italy’s indigenous varieties are so numerous that everyone has a different count of how many there are. This week’s variety – Montù Bianco – hails from Emilia Romagna, a wine region that I think is undervalued. This grape makes white wines. It can be found in a DOP called Reno and can make frizzante wines. It is grown in the provinces around the cities of Modena and Bologna near the river Reno. It makes a wine called Montuni, among others where it is part of the blend. The origins of this grape variety are not that well known. Some suggest it comes from Spain and others from Ascoli in Le Marche. The name Montù comes from the Bolognese dialect. Specifically from the expression “molt’ù”, which means molta uva or many grapes. This is a vigorous variety and can produce considerable quantities.

I’m a fan of Emilia Romagna and went to graduate school in Bologna, a jewel of a city and one that should absolutely be on everyone’s radar. I found this producer, Azienda Agricola Bassi, of Montuni but have never tried the wines. I look forward to trying this wine and discovering other producers of it.

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