Sunday Musing: Diversity in the Wine World

Recently I came across a post written by a woman that I met in November, Julia Coney, that really resonated with me and thought that it would be something to put on my own blog and to remark upon. Her post can be read here. Rather than get it wrong, I encourage you to go to her post and see what she has to say about an article she read by a well-known wine writer and that writer’s response to her. Both I think are interesting and noteworthy.

The subject is the lack of diversity in the wine industry. It’s absolutely true that the wine industry is not very diverse in terms of race. I often write a column about women in the wine industry. If I reflect on the women that I have interviewed for that column, only one of them is of color and she is a South African winemaker. I wrote about her as a winemaker and as a woman, her race was not what was paramount on my mind but perhaps I should be more conscious to include people of all races and pay more attention to that. Only one of the woman I have interviewed is Asian as well. Perhaps that too is something to take into consideration. I guess the larger point is to make sure that everyone has a place at the table, even if it is a small table such as this blog. I will be more attentive to this issue going forward. Thanks Julia for making me think about this topic again.

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