Monday Musings On Wine Education – Vinitaly International Academy


Wine study is the topic of my Monday posts on Avvinare. Last week I wrote about a couple of French wine programs that I have undertaken and today I want to emphasize the new Italian wine certificate program run by Vinitaly International Academy. I was not able to do the progam this year because of timing but do hope to do it in the future. For an understanding of how it was from the student perspective, I am sure Joel Mack of Vintrospective will write about his recent experience. I have known Ian D’Agata, the Director of the VIA for a few years and I am sure it is an intense yet funny experience. Ian has the gift of being super smart and knowledgeable but also making people feel at ease, not an easy task and not always a combination that one finds in the wine world. This year was the second edition of the program and I believe around 50% of the students passed. I am not sure when I will be able to do the class but it is definitely something in my future. Ian’s book on indigenous grapes is right up my alley and as I wrote last week, I am a fan of education

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