Vinitaly Day 1 – Toscana, Liguria, Abruzzo, Sicilia, Lombardia

Arena di Verona

Today is the first official day of Vinitaly which is celebrating its 50th edition. As usual there are so many events and seminars and wines to taste that one can be overwhelmed. I am lucky enough to be able to spend time in the relatively calm press area where WIFI, bathrooms, coffee and computers are all available, at times a luxury during this crazy wine fair. I love Vinitaly, the energy, the people and mostly the wines of course.

I figured out that I need to go to five regions a day to at least spend some time in every part of Italy. Between client meetings and wines I want to taste, there is not a lot of time to write on this blog however I wanted to share the excitement that is going on today in the beautiful city of Verona.

Verona 3

One of the changes that are taking place this year is a new refined competition called 5 star wines. It is judged by a panel of very competent international wine experts and wines will now be rated on a 100 point scale. There is also a new prize sectiom called Wine without Walls dedicated to wines with less than 40 mg/l of sulfites and that were made without using specific techniques such as micro-oxidation, irrigation and others.

Today I was lucky enough to participate in a wine tasting of wines without sulfites, organic wines and ones that respect vegan regulations. I will write about that more at length at another time. I also saw friends from the Chianti Colli Fiorentini, Vino Nobile di Montepulcino, and Brunello consoritum. Happily I also was able to taste lots of bubbles from Liguria that I had never tried, ones made from indigenous varieties Pigato and Ormeasco as well as a Rosato made from Sangiove from Malenchini.

It is only a little after 300pm and it seems I have already seen a lot of friends and clients but more to do, no rest at Vinitaly.

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