Wine Wednesday: Zago Prosecco Doc


Today’s wine of the week is the Zago Prosecco DOC. The winery from Taiedo di Chions in Friuli has 8.5 hectares and makes three types of Prosecco using the Glera grape, Extra Dry, Brut Millesimato and Sui Lieviti (on the Lees). It is this last one that is pictured above and which I enjoyed most at recent tastings in New York. I loved the toasty, nutty elements of the wine that the lees brought to this refreshing sparkler. This Prosecco which is made in the traditional way that was used in the 1800s sees the wine entering fermentation thanks to its own indigenous yeast cells and aging in the bottle rather than using cultivated yeast, more common in today’s world of Prosecco. The wine is cloudier than a typical Prosecco and has more weight if you will on the palate. At only 11% alcohol, this is a great apertif. I really enjoyed all three of their wines.

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