Pasquetta: Time for A Picnic, What to drink?

gauginWhile today’s weather hasn’t been perfect, it does remind me of many Easter Monday picnics I used to have when I lived in Italy. Traditionally a holiday, most Italians go out for a picnic with friends and/or family. There is a saying in Italian, “Natale con i tuoi, pasqua dove vuoi” which translated actually means Christmas at home and Easter whenever you want. The big question is always what to drink at a picnic. I can think of lots of wines that work well with picnic food, red, rose or white, sparkling and still. If I had been at a picnic today, I might have brought this wine from Amastuola made from Fiano and Malvasia. I tried this wine during wine week in February. I was impressed with its aromas and flavors and also by the fact that the winery was organic, not that common in Italy and in Puglia specifically. It was great because it was also only 12.5% in alcohol, a relief after so many high alcohol wines. I love this part of Puglia where I have been lucky enough to spend time, the Salento. I highly recommend traveling there for the wines, the food, the people, the towns and the sea, the Mediterranean at it’s best.


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