Italian Indigenous Varieties: Colorino from Toscana

This week’s grape variety is Colorino. Many may not have heard of it but all who have tasted a Chianti will likely have had at least a small percentage of Colorino in their wine life. Colorino is a minor player in the Chianti blend and as you would expect from its name, brings color to the wine. It is also very good for aging and is relatively hardy as a grape variety.

It grows primarily in the Tuscan provinces of Florence, Arezzo, Siena and Pistoia but can also be found in Umbria, Le Marche, Lazio and Liguria. There are a number of different Colorino clones but the one considered to be the most prestigious is the Colorino di Valdarno,

I was looking for a mono-varietal wine made from Colorino and the only one I have found is from La Spinetta, imported by Indigenous Selections. I also found a great post on the 2006 vintage of this wine from a Canadian blogger at Just Grapes.

The winery is now up to the 2009 vintage. The wine is aged for 3.5 years before it is released into the market. This IGT Toscana has 14% alcohol and 15,000 bottles are made per year. The soils are calcareous with ocean sediments and the age of the vines is 13 years on average. The Spinetta family hails from Piedmont but has been in Tuscany since 2001 when they purchased 65 hectares of land.

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