Italian Indigenous Grapes that Start With “C”

I have written many posts over the years about Italian indigenous grapes that start with the letter “C”/ I have had a lot of fun rereading all of these posts which I began writing 10 years ago, shocking but true.

Here’s the lot of them which are I believe are pretty complete:

Caloria hails from Tuscany

 Caddiu Nero, comes from Sardinia

Cagnulari Nero.also come from Sardinia

Canaiolo Bianco is grown in Umbria and Tuscany

Canaiolo Nero grows mainly in Tuscnay

Canaiolo Rosa comes from Tuscany

Canina Nera also mentioned in the previous article comes from Emilia while Cannonau comes from Sardinia

Caricagiola Nero also comes from Sardina while

Carica l”Asino – come from Piedmont

Carricante Bianco comes from Sicily

Casavecchia can be found in Campania while

Casetta Nera hails from Trentino/Veneto

Cataratto is from Sicily

Centesimino from Emilia

Cesanese comes from Lazio

Catanese Buanco and Nero can be found in Sicily

Chatus Nero is grown in Piedmont whole

Ciliegiolo grows in Tuscany

Cococciola comes from Abruzzo while

Coda di Volpe is from Campania and

Colombano Nera comes from both Tuscany and Emilia

Colorino is from Tuscany

Corinto Nero is from Sicily and

Cornalin is from Aosta

Cornarea comes from Piedmont as does


Corvina Nera is from Veneto and so are

Corvinone and

Corvo Bianco


Croatina Nera hails from Oltrepò in Lombardy

Crovassa Nera is from the Aosta Valley

and for the moment those are the varieties that start with the letter “C”.

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