Italian Indigenous Varieties: Cove Bianco

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Cove Bianco is one of those rare varieties that you probably have never heard nor perhaps tasted. It was created in 1938 by Enologist Giovanni Dalmasso and is a cross between the Hungarian grape variety Harslevelu, used in Tokaj and Malvasia Trevigiana. It is used as a blending grape only and never made into a pure mono-varietal wine. Dalmasso studied Enology in Alba, Agronomy in Milan and later led the department in Conegliano. He was also a journalist and a writer. In 1949, he was one of the founders of the Accademia italiana della Vite e del Vino.

I am almost through the “c” section of Italian indigenous varieties, shockingly I have been writing these posts since 2008- 2009 when I started writing them for the Alta Cucina Society. I just have D-Z to go through after I finish the “c” section in two weeks.

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In other news, here’s an article that I wrote for the Organic Wine Journal on a winery called Manfredi Guccione from the Monreale region.


  1. Susannah – Lovely article on Manfredi Guccione.. it’s curious that we hear so much today about organic wines and yet Guccione and countless others have been making truly organic wines for 20 years and more..I hope to try the wines this year..
    Ce vediamo..

    • Dave- Thanks for stopping by at Avvinare. We will go to the Bio section of Vinitaly together and discover so more interesting wineries. Agreed about a dearth of information on Italian “natural” wines. Trying to do my part with a weekly column on the Organic Wine Journal. Cheers and see you soon, Susannah

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