Firenze, San Giovanni, e I Vini del Marchesi Ginori Lisci

Making Pasta In Florence

For about 23 years I have considered Florence my second home. I feel 100% at home in that city where I had a home for six years in my 20s, a magical time to roam and live in Florence. I confess that I was not the cook in my home, my ex was a fabulous cook.

Strips of Pasta

His mother was and is the best cook I have ever met. She would be happy to see me making pasta with friends in her city. Today is the Festa di San Giovanni, the patron saint of Florence. The whole city celebrates and my friends and I always used to as well. These photos are not from a San Giovanni party but from last November when I was in Florence.


Elisabetta, the wife of a dear friend, was in charge of the pasta operation. Great fun was had by all as my friends seem to make pasta regularly and are totally at ease with the project.


We made two kinds, with out and without spinach. It was exquisite as you can imagine.

Ricotta e Spinaci

While making the ravioli we were drinking one of their favorite wines, Macchion del Lupo from the Marchesi Ginori Lisci family.
I know the wines very well because I used to work for an importer who brought them into the US many moons ago. The family are all very lovely and have a beautiful borgo called Querceto where an old friend lives. Small world.


I’ve written about San Giovanni and the Marchesi Ginori Lisci family many times on this blog if you want to read more, click here.


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