New York Wines – Here I Come

Shocking but true I am on my way to my college reunion in upstate New York. I am a bit nervous to see some of the crowd but otherwise excited I must say and I have a great exit strategy. If all else fails, I am going up towards New York State wine country. While... Continue Reading →

Wine of the Week: Rosso Conero DOC 2008 from Tenimenti Spinsanti in Le Marche

My wine of the week is from Le Marche, a beautiful region that is still a little bit under the radar in terms of its gems, meaning its wine & artistic treasures. I first discovered Le Marche on a vacation to Recanati in 1998. I remember driving around with my boyfriend to buy "vino sfuso."... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day, Gruner and Riesling

A happy Mother's day to my sister and my mother, both interested in imbibing along with me through the years, one way in which we bond at every occasion. I spent yesterday with my mother, buying her lilacs and chatting about life. One of our favorite topics over the last 15 years has been wine.... Continue Reading →

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