Mother’s Day, Gruner and Riesling

Mother's Day 2013

A happy Mother’s day to my sister and my mother, both interested in imbibing along with me through the years, one way in which we bond at every occasion.

I spent yesterday with my mother, buying her lilacs and chatting about life. One of our favorite topics over the last 15 years has been wine. She started me down this path when I was still in high school truth to be told. She drank Lancers and Mateus at the time while I drank Riunite in the 1980s before I was legally allowed to drink.

Both of our tastes have evolved and Mom drinks lots of white wines while I tend to favor red wines. In fact, I can credit her with bringing much of the Gruner and Riesling from Austria that I have had in recent years into my purview. I will be blogging about Austrian wines very shortly but today I wanted to send a shout out to my Mamma and thank her for keeping these wines on my radar.

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