New York Wines – Here I Come

Shocking but true I am on my way to my college reunion in upstate New York. I am a bit nervous to see some of the crowd but otherwise excited I must say and I have a great exit strategy. If all else fails, I am going up towards New York State wine country.

While I am going to be a bit far from the bulk of the wineries, there are a few clustered around my former college town. It should be quite interesting. While never a big beer drinker in college, certainly wine did not reign in my circle of friends. My parents did buy my roommates and I a case of Champagne for graduation but that is because wine always graced my dinner table not theirs. That said, no one in my posse could be called a teetotaler, that’s for sure. I am very curious to see what my former roommates drink these days. We shall see…

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