Rediscovering Chardonnay: Antica from Antinori Family

A few weeks ago I wrote on my blog that I was on my way to my college reunion. I mentioned that I was curious what my friends and roommates would be drinking after all of these years. I discovered that their tastes were quite eclectic but Chardonnay was also a theme that ran through the weekend, as one might expect.


A number of my friends also preferred beer to wine and we discovered that our small college town now has a brewery right on main street.

Good Nature Brewery

I was pretty partial to the Hypocrite White and the Belgian IPA but the other ones in the sampler they smartly offer did the trick as well. Our college town was pretty small and the area can best be called bucolic. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of fun memories and such dear friends.


What I most certainly did not expect was to have such a great bottle of wine at the Colgate Inn in Hamilton, NY as the Antica Napa Valley Chardonnay from the Antinori property in California.

Antica Chardonnay 2010

The wine was exquisite with great acidity, mineral notes, white fruits and flowers and the nutty, yeasty notes that come from batonnage that I really enjoy. I had never tasted one of their wines from the California property and really was very pleased with the choice and dinner with a dear friend at the venerable Colgate Inn.

Colgate Inn


  1. Hi Susannah, Thanks from the team here at Antica Napa Valley for the nice mention of our 2010 Chardonnay! Salute!

    • Kim-
      Thanks for stopping by at Avvinare. I loved the Chardonnay, delicious and refreshing at the same time. I look forward to drinking more of it this summer.

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