Wine of the Week: Millbrook Tocai Friulano 2012

Hudson Valley

My wine of the week is from Millbrook Winery in the Hudson Valley. Their Tocai Friulano appealed to me when I tried it for the first time five years ago and still holds my interest as a summer sipper. Fruity but dry with nice mineral notes and crisp acidity, I thoroughly enjoy this wine.

I noticed on their site that they are actually screening one of my all-time favorite movies under the stars – Big Night. The scene where one brother makes an omelet for the other, in silence, as a way of overcoming their argument is so realistic and so much part of my life experience both in New York and in Italy.

I love the Hudson Valley and always have. As camp season rolls around and my niece counts down to her summer at camp, I am thinking of the Hudson Valley where I spent many a summer as a little kid and adolescent. It was such an important part of my life that my camp friends and I still get together, all these years later.

Camp Reunion

For a great post on the Hudson Valley and its wineries, check out my friend Sunny Gandara’s post on the beautiful part of New York State that she calls home.

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