Going To Tre Bicchieri New York 2012

I’m running out soon to go to the Tre Bicchieri event soon. I want to say hi to some old friends and try a couple of new wines. This year, I’m interested in white blends, oddly enough. I really feel that they are coming into their own and have found some level of acceptance in restaurants and wine bars as well.

My first Italian white blend that I became really familiar with was Lis Neris‘ wine, Confini. I found it to be a thrilling blend that spoke to me of a border land, the blend of Italian, Croatian and Slovenian influences that you find in Friuli where Lis Neris sits.

In fact, I’m going to the event to say hello to Alvaro Pecorari from Lis Neris, a great winemaker, a friend and a very particular individual.

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