Happy World Water Day – March 22

Today is World Water Day. Access to clean water is a basic human right but not one that everyone shares equally. The  U.N.  designates  March  22  as  the  day  of  the year  to  spotlight  the  global  safe  drinking  water   and  sanitation  issue  and  the  collective  efforts underway  to  get  solutions  to  those  in  need.... Continue Reading →

Italian Wine Regions: Basilicata

As Vinitaly draws nearer, I am reminded of all the amazing wines that I have tried in past years. Some of the wines are from the most famous regions while others are from lesser known ones. Among those is the one of the regions in the Southern portion of the country, Basilicata, also known as... Continue Reading →

Italian Wine Regions: Liguria

When one thinks of Liguria wine isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Surely it is the picturesque towns known throughout the world, Le Cinque Terre or the beach towns along the coast. Or maybe even the delicious focaccia that comes from that area of the country or the great olive oil, fishing and... Continue Reading →

Francesca, Il Mugello – Pinot Noir

Today was my friend Francesca's birthday. She died four years ago of cancer at the age of 37. Every time I hear a certain song, eat a particular food or hear a deeply Tuscan accent, I think of her. She was a wonderful, artistic, creative soul who suffered an awful early death from that plague... Continue Reading →

Italian Wine Regions: Lombardy

As I sit in my office in New York, currently without any windows, I am traveling virtually through Italy while looking at a big map of the wine regions. I am also cleaning up as one does for Spring and I have come upon all of my great material from a tasting I did last... Continue Reading →

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