Happy World Water Day – March 22

Today is World Water Day. Access to clean water is a basic human right but not one that everyone shares equally. The  U.N.  designates  March  22  as  the  day  of  the year  to  spotlight  the  global  safe  drinking  water   and  sanitation  issue  and  the  collective  efforts underway  to  get  solutions  to  those  in  need.  This year,  a  coalition  of  diverse  U.S.  based  groups  is calling  for  the passage  of  the Water  for  the   World  Act which  will  strengthen  current  U.S. federal commitments  to  safe  drinking  water  and   sanitation programs.  

The coalition’s Donate Your Voice social media campaign asks people to donate their Twitter or Facebook status to the cause for one week.

Secretary of State, Hilary Rodham Clinton will make remarks this morning in Washington, DC concerning challenges and achievements of water coalition members and individual advocates worldwide at an event held at the US Department of State on World Water Day.

Other events organized by the coalition include a Capitol Hill advocacy day in Washington, DC, where supporters will meet with Members of Congress to discuss action needed to tackle the water crisis.

As wine people, we are all aware of the importance or lack thereof of water for vines. As sensitive people, I’m sure we all know about the lack of clean water for people as well. Let’s focus on that today.

I promise I’ll get off the soapbox and look at the Cherry Blossoms here in DC.

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