Rose All The Way On Valentine’s Day

Today is that day when you are reminded about love. I think we should be reminded of love everyday, be it love for a person, a furry friend, a poem, a mountain or a wine.

I am now taking a Master Level class on the Rhone Valley with the French Wine Academy.

The more I listened to Rhone Valley expert Kelly McAuliffe, the more I wanted to hop on a plan and hang out in Provence, drink Rose’ and contemplate life as it unfolds.

McAuliffe is so very knowledgeable about the wines of this area that it was a pleasure to listen to him via webinar. I feel excited and enthused. I haven’t been to the Rhone Valley in many years but I will never forget my first trip at 15.

I went to Avignon, Nimes and Arles. I remember that Keith Jarrett was playing but I had no idea who he was, my mistake. I later saw him play in Milan and was blown over.

Back to wine, I was interested in the way McAuliffe described the two different styles of Rose’, those that are deeper and color and more full-bodied which are produced in Tavel and those that are lighter bodied and are more popular here in the US.

I did have a Rose’ at lunch which was a 2010, a great year for whites according to McAuliffe. The Rose’ I had was nothing special but I did have a moment of transport thinking of France in the Spring.

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