Wednesday Wine of the Week: Tenuta Ca Vescovo Pinot Grigio

My wine of the week is a Pinot Grigio from Tenuta Ca Vescovo. This wine is from Acquileia, a town in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

I visited Acquileia many years ago and it has forever remained in my mind as one of the most mysterious Italian sites. I loved the basilica with its fascinating ancient mosaics.

I also highly recommend a visit to all who can go there as well as a stop in nearby Grado. My Mom and I loved it.

I was reminded of my trip to Acquileia this month when my dear friend Heather from my Dow Jones days served me this wine at dinner. Her husband had made us Cozze (mussels) and Pasta con le Vongole while her adorable 5-year old served us Salmon tartines. All the while, Heather and I were quietly finishing off this delicious bottle of Pinot Grigio. It had great minerality, acidity and a long fruity finish. The sea breezes gave an extra added “sapidita'” or “saltiness” to the wine. The wine really made a perfect evening with friends an even brighter glow. I love Heather and she is like family to me. Every time I visit them in Milan, they welcome me with open arms and a new wine that I don’t know. This time was no different and this wine is one I would definitely buy here at home, not something I often say about a Pinot Grigio.

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