Indigenous Italian Varieties: Caddiu Nero from Sardinia

I am skipping over one grape variety this week because I am a bit rushed but next week will report on that all important one: Cabernet Sauvignon. For today however, I want to talk about Caddiu Nero, a little known grape from the beautiful island of Sardinia. This grape hails from the region around the cities of Cagliari and Oristano and is usually used in a blend with other indigenous varieties such as Bovale e Monica. The specific area where it grows is called the lower Tirso Valley.

If you have never spent any time in Sardinia, you have a real treat in store. It is a beautiful and varied landscape with great food, wine, beaches and unbelievable rock formations. I have spent a considerable amount of time in the North of the island but much less in the South. I highly recommend it as a tourist location as well as a must on any enogastronomic tour of Italy.

When I was in Sardinia, I spent a month sailing and scuba diving, one of my most memorable Augusts on record. Oddly enough, for years people would ask me if I was Sardinian. Not sure if it was the Sardinia wedding ring on my finger or my speech pattern but I could never see that. I would have to change my last name to Goldu perhaps. Might spice things up.

Anyway, don’t miss out on this beautiful part of Italy when planning your next trip.

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