Feeling A Little Blue: Drinking Some Great French Wine

I had some bad news, nothing tragic though, and I have been kind of sad all week. The holidays can sometimes get to you when things aren’t exactly as you might want them to be so I started to look around for stuff that makes me smile.

Just this mere act, oddly enough, made me look again at beautiful photos from friends that have come floating in, expressions of love from people I care about, kind words from generous colleagues and new clients that have come knocking at my door in a different way.

I also have rekindled my love affair with France. I think France is my husband and Italy is my lover. I haven’t figured it out yet but I do know that they move different things in me.

In any event, I was reading an article in Le Figaro about a French film, “Intouchables” which really struck a cord. The article interviews someone who used this French expression “Etre joyeux est un acte de volonte.” (Being joyous is an act of will.) He went on to state that in order to “cultiver la joie, c’est aller vers l’autre sans prejuge et s’offrir totalement a la vie.” (In order to cultivate joy, we must go towards others without prejudice and offer ourselves up to life completely). Sounds good to me.

I have been drinking lots of French wine during the course of the last month since my trip to Paris in November. I was there when the Nouveau Beaujolais est arrive on November 16. While not a fan of le nouveau Beaujolais, I did drink this one very happily.

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